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azonenberglekernel: Nice01:51
azonenbergHi guys22:37
azonenbergBeen away for the weekend but am getting back to work22:37
azonenbergJust did some SEM imaging and EDS analysis of a couple of dies22:37
azonenbergpics uploading shortly22:37
bart416So what else have you been up to?22:38
azonenbergGetting out in the woods and away from my lab :P22:39
azonenbergAnd having fun in high winds http://i.imgur.com/D0iCw.jpg22:39
azonenbergThough "high" is a relative term, it was only 45 mph sustained with gusts of around 6022:39
azonenbergIn the winter they get a lot worse22:40
azonenbergThe weather station i'm standing next to holds the world record for highest wind speed recorded at ground level22:40
azonenbergAnyway so it looks like my contaminant is most likely clumps of Ta2O522:41
bart416So what are you going to try to do about that?22:42
azonenbergBut thats not definite22:42
azonenbergThe one thing i know for sure is that in the area i sampled (on top of a bump) the spectrometer showed around 25% each O and Si, maybe 5% Cl, and 45% Ta22:43
azonenbergWhich is what i'd expect from a lump of Ta2O5 that has a thin Ta2Cl10 film over it22:43
azonenbergAnd the whole thing is over Si22:43
azonenbergThis was a die i coated in Ta2Cl10 and didnt bake22:44
azonenbergiow, i did not intentionally oxidize it22:44
azonenbergWhich to me suggests that somehow (during the manufacture process perhaps?) the Ta2Cl10 oxidized and formed grains of Ta2Cl10 around 1-2um across22:45
azonenbergIf so, the fix will be to filter the Tantalumfilm with a submicron-pore-size filter22:45
bart416Anyway good luck22:46
azonenberg* grains of Ta2O522:46
bart416I'm tired from disassembling this bread oven22:46
bart416(That I'm going to turn into a reflow oven)22:46
azonenbergI see22:46
bart416It also featured a nice 3 phase motor :S22:46
bart416And really simple control electronics based on a quick observation22:47
bart416So this might actually be easier to control than a toaster oven22:47
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