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azonenberg_workGoing to be doing some EDS this afternoon in hopes of identifying the contaminant positively13:26
SolidRavenazonenberg, do you know how to calculate how much energy you need to break away exactly one atom from a crystal matrix given a certain wavelength of laser18:09
azonenberg_workSolidRaven: No, I don't20:09
azonenberg_workI think it would be hard to do because you'd need really precise focus20:09
azonenberg_workProbably interference20:10
azonenberg_workAnd even that wouldnt work for deep submicron20:10
azonenberg_workE-beam has a chance20:10
SolidRavenazonenberg, kerr lens ;)20:15
SolidRaventhat allows you to go precise enough in theory20:15
azonenberg_workNot familiar with it20:18
azonenberg_workRe energy, no idea20:18
SolidRavenWell, I figure I need to break up the crystal bonds20:35
SolidRavenI know how to figure out how much energy I need for that20:36
SolidRavenBut other sorts of attraction also come into play20:36
azonenberg_workSorry, not my area of expertise20:48
SolidRavenactually, using a stm you could probably make seminconductors at minimal possible scale20:51
SolidRavenYou can use quantum effects all over the place as well with that :S20:51
SolidRavenWould be pretty creepy if that worked20:51
SolidRavenActually, that'd make a nice subject for a masters degree20:52
SolidRavenatomic scale circuits20:52
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