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CIA-67homecmos r89 | trunk/lithography-tests/labnotes/azonenberg_labnotes.txt | Today's lab notes. Dumb mistakes, nothing much accomplished.04:59
azonenbergHmm... http://www.gdiy.com/projects/thin-film-sputtering-machine/index.php05:26
azonenberg*drools* http://www.mtixtl.com/desk-topplasmasputteringcoaterformetalliccoatingwithvacuumpumpandgoldtarget15maxsample.aspx05:29
azonenbergor http://www.bidservice.com/browses/DHTML_PHOTOS.ASP?ProductID=25809&Mfg=ANATECH&Mdl=HUMMER+XP&InvNum=5307405:31
lekernelthat's not too expensive08:10
lekernelie compared to other stuff08:10
lekernelif it were mass produced, you could probably still divide the price by 10 or so08:10
azonenbergOh joy, this could be problematic13:34
azonenbergI figured out the reason for some of my yield issues on the spin coated hardmask13:34
azonenbergTurns out the solvent (denatured alcohol) slowly dissolves my photoresist :P13:35
azonenbergWhich means if i let the drop of hardmask sit for more than a second or so before spinning, all hell breaks loose13:35
B0101Now what?13:36
azonenbergthere are a couple of options13:36
azonenbergget really good at fast-turnaround spin coating and hope to make it work13:36
azonenbergTry HF more13:36
azonenbergOr see about finding an alternate photoresist13:36
azonenbergOne that is either alcohol or fluoride resistant13:36
B0101Whats the best option?13:39
azonenbergOnly way to find out is experiment lol13:39
azonenbergI might see about picking up some ammonium fluoride and synthesizing a batch of BOE13:39
azonenbergSee if that diffuses slower than straight HF13:40
B0101For fun, I am going to design a 4 bit adder CMOS circuit13:42
B0101but well... lets try getting a simple transistor finished first13:43
B0101Azonenberg: what would you buy with money?13:47
bart416azonenberg, you still there?14:58
bart416http://www.amazon.com/dp/0943396506/?tag=finishingcominc mentions a homemade method for sputtering14:59
bart416at 2-3 torr...15:00
bart416But it's for optics, but if you get a good enough vacuum pump you might be able to use the same setup15:00
bart416Side bonus is that the book should be pretty easy to find in most libraries15:07
azonenbergbart416: back22:10
bart416did you see the link?22:10
bart416I'm downloading the book atm22:11
bart4166 mb left22:11
azonenbergAh - mirror it for me?22:11
bart416but I'm getting 0.2 kB/s >_>22:11
bart416Could probably get the right page with pdf repair tools22:11
B0101Azonenberg: any update?22:39
azonenbergB0101: Yeah, just got back from work22:39
bart416pdf recovery doesn't work on it22:48
B0101dang!!! Truecrypt drive encrytion....22:53
azonenbergB0101: what about it?22:58
B0101VERY SLOW!!!!23:00
B0101the HDD i am trying to encrypt is only 600MB23:00
azonenbergThats probably why23:01
azonenbergSlow drive23:01
B0101well... at least i am not one of the idiots who go: AH WTH!!! and scratches the disk platters23:02
B0101lets run metasploit...23:04
B0101Anti-virus sucks!!!!23:10
B0101Azonenberg: well: as I said, I might create a layout for a simple transistor23:25
B0101then I will design a 4 bit adder circuit for CMOS23:26
B0101Then I will use the technology to create a 8 bit CPU which blows up on usage...23:27
bart416lol, what are you going to do?23:29
bart416Put pockets of blackpowder in it?23:29
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